Calypso's Staff

We are always asked what is the secret to our success? It would have to be all our dedicated employees.
People always ask - What is the secret to our success at Calypso Cruises? The answer would have to be the dedication, professionalism, attention and sincere consideration of all of our employees.

Most of our employees have been with the company for more than 15 years. This is due to a positive work environment and camaraderie plus the personal attention and training given to each and every employee. Our staff has been trained to recycle and recognize the importance of working together to help save the planet. We do not use disposable plastic glasses, plates and bottles.

We would like to extend many thanks to all of you for your support during these 40 years. It has been a pleasure working with all of you.

Captain and Crew

Calypso's Staff Carlos Chinchilla

Carlos Chinchilla

Manta Raya Captain

Calypso is the best company because: 
First because of its experience. second, because of the warmth of its staff. third, we make our clients feel at home.

Calypso's Staff Erick Bolandi

Erick Bolandi

Engine Driver

Calypso´s tour is the best; you are going to have a unique experience.

Calypso's Staff Maikol Ortega

Maikol Ortega

First Mate

Our company is committed to the environment, we recycle responsibly.

Calypso's Staff Andrés Acosta

Andrés Acosta

Second Mate

Calypso is the best option. We do our best so everything runs smoothly.

Calypso's Staff Dante Díaz

Calypso is the best company, 100% customer service. We have the best location on the island and the best bar service.

Food & beverage

Calypso's Staff Erick Calderón

Erick Calderón

Restaurant Chief

Some 41 years ago a couple of americans came to Costa Rica and fell in love with Tortuga Island. That is how the all-inclusive tour was born and, to this day, they offer an excellent service.

Calypso's Staff María Cortés

María Cortés

Kitchen Chief

Calypso is the best company for the Tortuga Island tour because we are very responsible; you will have a safe and fun tour. We offer the best service and of course, the best food.

Calypso's Staff Leonel Rodríguez

Leonel Rodríguez

Kitchen staff

Calypso is the best in Costa Rica; we are #1 and the largest in Costa Rica; we offer the best food and attention!

Calypso's Staff Gioconda Ramírez

Gioconda Ramírez

Kitchen staff

Calypso offers first class service to all of its clients, locals and foreigners alike; they are all looked after.

Calypso's Staff Kathia Espinoza

Kathia Espinoza

Kitchen staff

Calypso is quality attention and excellent service.

Calypso's Staff Merlín M. Perez

Calypso is the best company for customer service.

Security & maintenance

Calypso's Staff Moises Martínez

Moises Martínez

Security Chief

We are a responsible company and we include several activities for you.

Calypso's Staff Milton Díaz

Milton Díaz


We offer experience and quality of service in all our trips. This company is committed to the environment.

Calypso's Staff Dennis Cerna

Dennis Cerna


We are a big family that is working for you.

Calypso's Staff José Moraga

José Moraga


Calypso Cruises offers quality services and the island is very beautiful.

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