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CALYPSO CRUISES world famous tour to Tortuga Island!

“To give Calypso passengers the best complete One Day Vacation experience possible”

Calypso Tours is a tourism pioneer in Costa Rica. We created the now world famous "Tortuga Island Cruise" in 1975 and are Costa Rica's first independent tour operator. We are proud to offer unparalleled service, safe, eco-friendly, unforgettable experiences for our guests while on vacation in Costa Rica on our Tortuga Island Tour and our Private Reserve Tour of Punta Coral.

To maintain this highest quality, Calypso Cruises is a completely sustainable company with strict regulations in our operations and sustainable policies with the ecosystem, human development and community support in Costa Rica.

We provide comfortable ground and maritime transportation via our luxury catamaran to give our clients the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, entertaining day tour cruise whether from your Costa Rica hotel or cruise ship. Our guests savor fine dining on authentic costa rican food and costa rican coffee while luxuriating on a beautiful white sand beach.

Additionally, we offer our guests snorkeling tours, costa rican fishing tours, kayak tours, a one day discovery scuba diving course plus scuba diving for certified divers.

By setting the standard for high quality service, Calypso Cruises will continue to be one of the top Costa Rica attractions.

What makes Calypso so special is that beside spending a wonderful day at the beautiful white sand beach of Tortuga Island, riding on the world class catamaran Manta Raya, eating a 4 course gourmet meal served in Calypso’s private dining area at Tortuga Island under the shade of giant parachutes with tables covered in white linen for a casual elegant dining experience, our passengers get to enjoy a cruising experience UNIQUE TO CALYPSO CRUISES. Returning to port in the afternoon, Calypso’s Captain will escort his passengers on an exploration of 7 islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, important to not only foreign travelers to see and learn more of Costa Rica’s history but also for national tourism and those who want to see up close, maybe for the first time, the beautiful and protected uninhabited islands in the Gulf of Nicoya accessible only by water. This makes Calypso unique, combining the Tortuga Island Cruise with a Tour of Discovery.

How We Work


In 1973, Cecelia and David Reid, founders of Calypso Tours, rented a private yacht out of the Yacht Club in Puntarenas and went fishing. After fishing all morning and catching nothing, they decided to go exploring and cruised the island studded Gulf of Nicoya. When the captain dropped anchor in the turquoise waters in front of beautiful Tortuga Island they swam ashore and theirs were the only footprints in the white sand. It was at this moment in time that the idea for the now World Famous Island Cruise was born.

It is hard to believe that more than 40 years have passed since Calypso tours took the first Island Cruise to Tortuga Island. David and Cecelia have been awarded the Promoter of the Year award, a prestigious and coveted award by all those who work in tourism. It is a great honor to have received this award and a reminder of all the hard work that goes into keeping Calypso operating 365 days a year.

Our vision

We strive to set a positive example within the Tourist Industry in Costa Rica based on our excellent service and healthy sustainable practices. We aspire to be the ideal model for sustainable and maximum efficiency in the maritime category.

Our values

Calypso Cruises created the "world famous" Calypso Island Cruise to Tortuga Island in 1975. After their first visit to Costa Rica, while on a sport fishing trip, David and Cecelia Reid, the owners and founders of Calypso, saw Tortuga Island for the first time. Tortuga Island was uninhabited and an island discovery they wanted to show to the world. It was then the idea of an island cruise was born. Since the first cruise, Calypso has escorted more than 1 million happy passengers on the tour Calypso made world famous.


Sustainable practices,






Solidarity and,

Community Support.

Calypso Cruises is the best choice and a better value because we include

3 Tours in 1 day

1. Tortuga Island Tour • 2. Gulf Islands Tour • 3. Sunset Tour

plus more amenities than any other tour to Tortuga Island

The journey is the destination


CALYPSO CRUISES pioneered and created the Tortuga Island Cruise in 1975.

CALYPSO's complete One-Day-Vacation is a tour-de-force of all that's magical about Costa Rica and is necessary before one can claim to have fully explored COSTA RICA.

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