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ONE DAY: Sea Kayaking Adventure

This tour leaves from Punta Coral.

Experience Costa Rica's remarkable west coast from the unique perspective of an ocean kayak. Be one of the first to experience Calypso Cruises new tour, our Sea Kayaking Adventure.

Transportation is provided directly from your hotel in San José, Jáco, Manuel Antonio or Monte Verde to our dock in Puntarenas*. There you will board Calypso Cruises own custom built, modern, catamaran, The Manta Raya, for a relaxing ride to the Punta Coral Private Reserve. Here you will meet your professional kayaking guide to begin your tour.

Paddle in calm waters through fascinating islands where you can go ashore on untouched virgin beaches. Investigate the diverse marine life of the reefs from the unique vantage point of your kayak.

The Dry Tropical Forest actually grows right into the sea. By paddling close to shore, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to view this endangered forest close up and the possibility to see the wildlife that inhabits the area. Our sea kayak adventure will take you to many special places where you may encounter various animals like monkeys, lizards, iguanas, birds, turtles, butterflies and many different fishes.

Your guide, has a degree in physical education and sports management and will ensure you have an exciting and also safe trip. The kayaks are Dagger Specter sit-inside sea kayaks with rudder and storage compartments. These kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle.

The area close to Punta Coral is scattered with islands and many interesting places offering a variety of routes. The itinerary we choose will depend on the tide, season and the level of experience of the particular group of kayakers.

  1. Maximum 7 persons and a minimum 2 persons.
  2. All kayaks are Dagger Specter with rudder and storage compartments. Five kayaks are 15 ft long and two are 14 ft.
  3. The kayaks are sit-inside sea kayaks which are very stable and easy to paddle.
  4. If the tour is with inexperienced people, we will have a safety demonstration on the beach before departure.
  5. The route of the tour will vary depending on: direction of the currents, wind and the level of experience of the kayakers.
  6. In dry season we can encounter the monkeys at Isla Nansital.
  7. If the kayakers desire, there is the possibility to go snorkeling, but it depends on the tide and current.
  8. We provide life jackets: theses must be worn by all kayakers.
  9. The kayakers need to bring: sun block, sunglasses and a hat.

Calypso Cruises is the best choice and a better value because we include

3 Tours in 1 day

1. Tortuga Island Tour • 2. Gulf Islands Tour • 3. Sunset Tour

plus more amenities than any other tour to Tortuga Island

The journey is the destination


CALYPSO CRUISES pioneered and created the Tortuga Island Cruise in 1975.

CALYPSO's complete One-Day-Vacation is a tour-de-force of all that's magical about Costa Rica and is necessary before one can claim to have fully explored COSTA RICA.

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