tortuga island costa rica by calypso cruises

Calypso invented and established the original
world famous Island cruise in 1975

tour isla tortuga costa rica

Manta Raya: our yacht catamarán
has an expansive forward deck

calypso tours costa rica

Calypso's Tortuga Island.
Snorkeling Tour included

tortuga island catamaran cruise

Calypso's Tortuga Island.
Banana Boat ride included

Calypso's Tortuga Island

Your day starts with a complete hot
breakfast in Calypso’s restaurant

tortuga island costa rica

Price winning ceviche made with corvina
- a salt water fish locally caught

tortuga island tour costa rica

Calypso private dining on Tortuga Island
in a romantic paradise setting

tortuga island costa rica

One of the 5 best
beaches in Latin America

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Calypso Cruises is the only tour operator that includes this route